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As a broker we do not provide the money ourselves. Instead we search the entire market in an effort to find you the right loan. This saves you the effort of applying for numerous loans and needing to choose between them. Or applying for the wrong type of loans and wondering why you have been rejected. As we’re sure you’re aware, being rejected by lenders itself can have an adverse effect on our chances of being accepted for a loan. We will make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Our process

Step 1 – The Application

We first ask you to complete a quick application process with us. This is private and risk free as well as also being free of charge. This information allows us to get a good idea of who you are and what you need.

Step 2 – The Search

Our software will then compare the market to see what lenders are offering to people in your situation. If we feel like any particular loan or lender isn’t relevant to you, too risky, or if we feel you’d be rejected by that lender; then we won’t present them to you. We’ll only present lenders and loan products that you have a good chance of being accepted for and that will be beneficial to you.

Step 3 – The Results

Once we’ve found the right loan (or loans) for you we’ll then present them to you for you to check out yourself. Each will be offering something similar to the rest but there may be important differences which could be meaningful. Once you’ve decided on the right loan for you, you can select this one and formally apply for it online.

Step 4 – Redirected to the provider

Once you’ve chosen the loan that works for you the most you can then select it and apply for it. In doing so you’ll be re-directed to that lender’s website. This is where the application will be completed and sent to the lender for review. Remember it’s the lender themselves who have the final say on whether or not the loan is approved. But if all the information you provided us is accurate then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Step 5 – Loan Approval

Once approved the money will be sent to your account. It could be that same business day, or it could be the following day. As for repayment this may be part of the loan terms. Every lender does this a little differently, it may have been the favourable repayment terms that encouraged you to select that particular loan to begin with. It may be such a small sum you choose to pay it back on your next pay day. But other lenders are more lenient and open to being paid back over a longer period of time. It depends what’s right for you.


Q. How old do I need to be?

A. All applicants need to be over the age of 18.

Q. Do I need to be a US citizen?

A. Yes, no lender will arrange a loan for anyone who isn’t a full citizen of the United States of America.

Q. What if I have bad credit?

A. Believe it or not, lots of people applying for a payday loan have poor credit histories. They may be applying for a payday loan because it’s the only place they can turn to. Lenders do tend to be sympathetic and are open to helping customers who may have less than perfect credit files. While we cannot guarantee success, we can help you obtain a free quote to see what you may be entitled too.

Many of the lenders we work with tailor their products to appeal and cater for those who may have a poor credit history. They understand that such customers sometimes find themselves in need of a loan as much as anyone else. When emergencies happen they can happen to any one of us anytime.

Our lenders and ourselves at Groove Money pride ourselves on treating all of our customers as individuals regardless of their prior financial history. Obtaining a loan through us may be your first step back on the road to financial recovery.

Q. What if I am rejected?

A. Unfortunately we may not be able to offer a quote to everyone. This may simply mean we’ve not been able to locate a lender that can help you in your present circumstances. This is rare, but it can happen to those who’ve got exceptionally poor credit reports. Or it may be the type of loan you’re looking for isn’t available. Being rejected by us has no reflection on your financial history. Think of it as testing the water before formally applying for a loan.

Q. How much interest will I pay?

A. This depends on the lender and the product. Although each provider will show a representative APR’ to give you an indication. Each of the lenders we work with is subject to federal law and can only charge a rate of interest that is deemed fit and fair by the state.

Q. Is it true that payday loans have a high APR?

A. Not always, but this is a possibility. This is mainly due to the flexibility of payday loans and the lenience of the lenders. They are considered to be taking a bigger risk than traditional lenders. Some see it as paying extra for the service, although many pay day loans offer a similar rate of interest (by comparison) to any other loan product on the market. It largely depends on the lender, the product, the individual and the circumstances.