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Welcome to Groove Money

We represent one of America’s fastest rising industries, short term borrowing and payday loans. But done right, responsibly and fairly.

Has something happened in your life that has resulted in you needing a short-term burst of cash to get you through until your next pay day? You’re not alone, it’s a situation that the best of us how found themselves in, and more than we’d like to admit.

An Emergency Scenario

It’s often the case that when we need a quick injection of cash we actually don’t need that much. It may be a small amount like $100 or $200. If we had known about this problem earlier then we could have budgeted for it. Yet when these situations arise, we’ve normally got to survive a few more weeks until we get paid again. And unless we’ve got a reserve of funds, we can turn to in an emergency then we may need to go without or make do until payday rolls around.

But more often than not in an emergency this simply isn’t an option. If our car is in need of urgent repairs, then waiting two to three weeks until payday isn’t going to cut it. We need our car to get to our jobs, take our kids to school and many more things. We can’t just stop turning up to work. No job means we’re unlikely to see our next pay day anyway! No, the emergency needs to be resolved and Groove Money may be able to offer you a solution.

We can help

That’s where we come in. As a broker we are able to compare a variety of lenders and their short-term loan products to see which ones suit you best, and of course; which ones we feel you should avoid. After all, not every loan is suitable for each person. We will help you cut through the noise and the small print to find a loan that works for you. Of course, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for, but if we can’t then nobody can!

But in most cases, we’ll be able to match you with a lender who’s offering exactly what it is you’re looking for. Helping you breathe a sigh of relief, and giving you the financial freedom you need until your next pay packet kicks in.